Design and Conservation Consultancy

Service for Local Authorities

  • Conservation advice on listed building, conservation area and planning application casework for Development Control sections
  • Long or short term cover of conservation staff vacancies / maternity & paternity leave
  • Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans
  • Buildings at Risk Surveys
  • Local List compilation
  • LDF Conservation policy / strategies
  • Article 4 Directions
  • “Back to back” Buildings at Risk projects in conjunction with the Hertfordshire
    Building Preservation Trust

Historic Building Services for Building Owners, Professionals and Advisors

  • Conservation Advice
  • Historic Building Appraisals
  • Building Recording
  • PPS5 Statements of Significance
    Local planning authorities may not validate an application where the impact of the proposal on the significance of a historic building or area cannot be understood from the application and supporting documents. They may require an applicant to provide a description of the significance of the heritage assets affected. BEAMS has the appropriate expertise to provide this and will tailor the level of detail to the importance of the heritage asset sufficient to understand potential impacts.  Where a site may include archaeological interest, we will arrange for a desk-based assessment or, where desk-based research is insufficient to properly assess the interest, a field evaluation. This information together with an assessment of the impact of the proposal would then form part of the design and access statement to be prepared by the applicant.
  • House Histories

Other Services BEAMS provides

  • Convenes the Architects Advisory Panel for Hertfordshire
  • Convenes the Hertfordshire Conservation Forum of Local Authority Conservation Officers
  • Organises Seminars and Workshops